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Analog clock experiment reveals glaring Millennial deficits

Schools in England removing classroom analog clocks because students cannot tell time

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Still Applies — ‘What you don’t know can hurt you’; lost in time if you can’t read an analog clock

Many in the Millennial Generation cannot write school lessons cursive, find their way around in an automobile without a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) direction finder or read an analog clock. The reason; they were never taught these skills.

Perhaps the biggest deficit in knowledge involves time. Something as common as reading the time on an analog device may as well be gibberish to the digitally-inclined because for many, they cannot read it.

This generation is accustomed to virtually everything being done for them. They see a digital representation of time on their phone, their watch, on their computer, the microwave oven. Nearly everything they’ve got is digital so youngsters are just exposed to time being given digitally everywhere.

Some school officials in the U.S. and the UK believe clocks are causing undue stress because kids can’t figure out how much time they have remaining to complete a test, for instance.

The UK believes this so strongly, that schools in England are removing analog clocks from classrooms because students cannot tell time. Late night talk personality Jimmy Kimmel addressed the issue on a recent segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The thinking by Kimmel’s producers was that American millennials might be suffering the same issues, so they took to the streets of America to quiz youngsters at random, asking them the time displayed on an analog clock. The segment, which Kimmel admitted was “very unscientific,” was titled, “What Time Is It?

The answers by the respondents were quite surprising and amusing.

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