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African coffee storm brewing

Nigerian coffee houses named "Cafe Neo" hope to become Africa's Starbucks

Starbucks plans to seed ‘coffee clouds’ in Africa to make it rain caffeine; home grown African coffee companies have their own forecast

Compton Herald | African Diaspora
LAGOS, Nigeria — Joe C. Java is brewing a storm in Africa that’s forecast to rain gold. That’s why Starbucks has its sights on the African coffee market throughout the continent, as some of the best quality coffee beans are grown there and the African people — from Tunisia to South Africa — love their cup of joe.

South Africa, for instance, has been abuzz with excitement since Starbucks announced that it would set up its first outlet in sub-Saharan Africa in Johannesburg in 2016.

Taste Holdings, the company that owns the Starbucks franchise worldwide, made good on its promise. The first Starbucks store did open in 2016 in South Africa. Business Tech reported the java giant plans to open 12 to 15 more stores through 2018, with an expected 150 and 200 Starbucks in South Africa by 2025.

But anyone who thinks Starbucks is just going to willy-nilly set up shop and make it rain caffeine in Africa while others stand by and watch, need down a double shot of double-strength espresso to clear their head because specialty coffee shops are percolating on high all over the continent in advance of the Starbuck invasion.

One small entrepreneur, for instance, is determined to fancy a coffee shop that may one day rival America’s Starbucks. And so far, the reception from Nigerians is quite mouthwatering.

Lagos, Nigeria businessman Ngozi Dozie has created a chain of Starbucks-styled coffee houses named Cafe Neo, to, as he says, “conquer Africa’s top cities with 100 percent African coffee.”

Dozie already has three outlets in Lagos and one in the Rwandan capital Kigali where the finest Arabica coffee beans come from.

“It’s a new way to coffee, where we Africans drink the coffee that we produce as opposed to exporting it and importing sub-grade coffee,” Dozie said.

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