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Jarrette Fellows, Jr.
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

Jarrette Fellows, Jr., attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

Tony Bear!
Webmaster, Digital Content Manager, contributing writer

Tony Bear! has an extensive background in publishing for online and print, and in radio broadcasting. His hobbies are photography, cooking and interior decorating.

Betty Pleasant
Contributing writer

Betty Pleasant is a contributing writer and columnist for the Compton Herald. She was formerly a reporter at the Los Angeles Sentinel and a columnist at the Los Angeles Wave.

Joe Richardson
Contributing writer

Joe Richardson, Esq. is a native son of South-Central Los Angeles, and an attorney practicing tort, contract, and labor, and employment law in Southern California for more than 15 years. He also teaches and speaks on legal issues.

Jharmaine Fellows
Assistant to Webmaster
David Benjamin
Contributing writer

David Benjamin is a health, fitness & green living advocate for Healthy, Wild and Free and a regular contributor to the Compton Herald.

K. Gerard Thomas
Contributing writer

Kevin G. Thomas is a veteran Los Angeles-area freelance journalist who has written for the Los Angeles Wave and the L.A. Watts Times. He is a former educator, with B.A. degrees in theology and marketing.

Malcolm Thomas
Editorial cartoonist

Malcolm Benjamin Thomas is a freelance cartoonist and animator currently living in Valencia, Calif. His experience as a political cartoonist began in 2008, his senior year in high school. His artwork can be found in numerous venues on the Internet.

Darlene Donloe
Contributing writer

Darlene Donloe is an entertainment and travel journalist whose work has been featured in several local and national print publications and websites.

Dr. Walter R. Tucker, III
Contributing writer

Dr. Walter R. Tucker, III, is pastor of Truth and Love Christian Church, in Carson. He served as mayor of Compton, and U.S. Representative from California.

Ural Garrett
Contributing writer

Ural Garrett is an Inglewood native and graduate of Southern University And A&M College. For the past decade, the writer, photographer, and videographer has had works featured in The Los Angeles Wave, Complex, HipHopDX and much more.

Marie Lemelle
Contributing writer

Marie Y. Lemelle is founder and owner of Platinum Star Public Relations, an award-winning, global marketing and communications firm. Platinum Star’s clientele includes the sports, film, music and health & wellness industries, as well as corporations and nonprofit organizations.


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