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Take a long, hard look at John Chiang for California governor

All voters in the state, should give John Chiang a serious look

John Chiang. Photo courtesy of John Chiang.

John Chiang: ‘…we need to have a real conversation about … why Black Lives Matter’

The Sacramento Bee reported Thursday, that gubernatorial candidate John Chiang has lost the endorsement of a Los Angeles law enforcement union after he said California must have tough conversations about the excessive use of force by law enforcement and consider changes to how the state investigates officer-involved shootings.

“As a state, we must rethink the way we police, from where and how we recruit officers, to the training we provide them,” Chiang said in a statement. “From ensuring de-escalation is the first step, not an afterthought, to providing police departments with the tools necessary to do the job right. Ultimately, we need to have a real conversation about the root of this problem and why Black Lives Matter.”

Chiang’s courageous comments came in the aftermath of the shooting of Stephon Clark, the unarmed Black man who was killed by Sacramento police last month. Chiang’s comments were “dead right.” The callous, indiscriminate massacre of Black males must cease! Or it will morph into something horrid for the state and nation.

We will leave that there. Everyone knows what we mean.

The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs initially endorsed Chiang, but rescinded the endorsement, citing his public comments. Obviously, they don’t want to be scrutinized. Obviously, they believe it’s alright to shoot first; ask questions later.

Well, to hell with that! It’s not alright.

The union’s board president, Ron Hernandez, calls Chiang’s concern, “opportunism.”

“Incidents like the officer-involved shooting in Sacramento is heartbreaking for all involved, but blaming officers first is not an answer to the issues facing the communities we are sworn to protect and serve,” wrote Hernandez in a letter to Chiang. “While we are certain that there are those who would celebrate your statement on the issue, we regret the divisiveness and apparent opportunism of your approach. Please remove our association from your list of supporters.”

Chiang told the Sacramento Bee, he’d liked to have kept the endorsement, but the conversation about police use of force and misconduct is more important. He said he was not blaming officers, but insisting a dialogue is necessary for change.

This required courage on Chiang’s part. And for that, Black American voters, indeed all voters in the state, should give John Chiang a serious look.

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  • RDF.Ph.D. May 3, 2018

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