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Compton teachers rally for classroom upgrades, Weds

Teachers seek smaller classes and better learning conditions for students, and higher wages, including improved health benefits for teachers.

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Compton Unified School District headquarters, 501 N. Santa Fe Ave. Photo: Google

Union: Smaller classrooms, comparable wages for Compton teachers help make students priority

COMPTON — The Compton Education Association (CEA) will lead a rally at Compton Unified School District headquarters, 501 N. Santa Fe Ave., on Wed., Oct. 11 at 3:30 p.m.

Teachers are pushing for CUSD to make students their first priority in their budgeting decisions. They seek smaller classes and better learning conditions for students, and higher wages, including improved health benefits for teachers.

In the recent years, the CUSD has experienced several sickouts where dozens of teachers called in sick for a day to protest working and learning conditions and stalled contract talks.

CEA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all classroom teachers in the Compton Unified School District.

The Compton Unified School District is located in the south central region of Los Angeles County, California, and encompasses the city of Compton and portions of the cities of Carson and Los Angeles. The district currently serves nearly 26,000 students at 40 sites: 24 elementary schools, eight middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, and five alternative schools.

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  • The Enforcer October 11, 2017

    Your thoughts went from agreeing with teachers on everything except salaries to talking about them not wanting to deal with student behavior. Then you proceeded to discuss a cafeteria inspection that exposed rats and roaches. Finally, you ended your comment by saying teachers take home bags and purses with roaches in them. What exactly is your main thought again???? Tell me more about how these scrambled thoughts relate to teachers picketing for fair pay, fair health benefits, and smaller class sizes. I’ll wait!

    • frances October 12, 2017

      like it was clearly stated i agreed with all their demands except the salary. they need better benefits, smaller classes and a clean work place. they do not need a pay raise because they are not teaching if you sat in one of the classes you would see how they treat the kids

      • The Enforcer October 12, 2017

        Have you gone to every school and sat in every teacher’s class in the entire district? No! Have you ever asked teachers how much of their own money they spend on school supplies, teaching supplements, room decorations, etc.? No! Do you know how much extra time off the clock teachers spend grading papers, preparing lessons, and organizing classrooms? No! Do you know how many weeknights and weekends teachers sacrifice family and personal time working on something school-related? No! Do you know how long teachers have gone in CUSD without a pay increase or a contract? No!!! Have you ever compared CUSD’s teacher salaries to other districts’ pay scales? Absolutely not! Are you credentialed? Have you any degree at all? Probably not. Can you do a better job at teaching CUSD kids than the teachers you claim don’t deserve higher pay? Given the way you poorly wrote that last comment, it’s a strong NO! So next time you see a teacher, thank him or her for attempting to teach an overcrowded classroom full of below level kids who are likely as defiant and poorly versed as you are. Then you should let him or her know the current salary scale is an insult and the contract needs to be settled immediately!

  • frances October 11, 2017

    I agree with the teachers on everything except the salary. They make too much money already and most of them need to go take a class on dealing with different behavior of children instead of punishing them. Most act like they do not want to be bothered with the kids and always have negative things to say about the kids. I know of one school that just had a health inspection of the cafeteria received a D they have rats and roaches and some of the rats came out while the inspection was going on kids and teachers are finding roaches in their bags and purses when they get home.