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<p>Tony Bear! has an extensive background in publishing for online and print, and in radio broadcasting. His hobbies are photography, cooking and interior decorating. Visit his blog, “The Celebrity-free Zone” at http://blog.tonybear.com</p>

Compton Herald | submarine going to war

What nation would dare pick a fight? Only one with an insane leader. Right now North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un fits the psychological profile.

Compton Herald | election day

ComptonHerald.org Digital Editor Tony Bear! with tips on how to make Election Day pain free.


I've started having ‘firsts’ experiences again and it feels great! When we get started with this thing called "life," we embark on a journey of


The 'blue wall of silence' is a phrase coined to describe what happens when cops collaborate to shield bad cop behavior from the

Compton Herald | longevity

The report contains research on trends in three areas scientists associate with longevity: health, financial security and social connections.