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Joe Richardson, Esq. is a native son of South-Central Los Angeles, and an attorney practicing tort, contract, and labor, and employment law in Southern California for more than 15 years. He also teaches and speaks on legal issues.

Compton Herald | Kate Steinle

"To howl about the verdict without acknowledging that, by all accounts, the system worked, even if not to the favor of many of us,

Compton Herald | healthcare

From the time President Obama took office, the GOP’s goal had been to oppose him at every turn

Compton Herald | impeachment

There are a couple of realities that are keeping impeachment out of reach

Compton Herald | Michael Brown

While there has been some discussion about the issues that are being debated on Capitol Hill, other important issues are being lost in the


Protest in the street is a ‘First Amendment’ constitutional right; there is a lawful way to exercise this without incurring trouble with the law